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R J Kinderman is an author who embarked on his writing career following a career of thirty years as a public school teacher and principal. He has melded together a lifelong love of adventure and a professional career in education to create books that instill a love for reading and learning in our children from infancy through ages 7-8.

His books reflect his belief that not just reading but developing a love for reading is the essential component for educational success. To achieve this it is necessary to engage our youngest children with books embracing rich, rhythmic text and vivid illustrations. Through R J’s books your daughter and or son will discover America as they bike around the USA in Beans and Lolo’s Big Bike Ride and in Beans and Lolo Bike the Heartland. They will dream of their futures as they read Which Hat for Hattie and they will embrace an active, healthy lifestyle with Outside with Hurricane Hattie and Big Buddy.

You will share your child’s joy as they progress from being active listeners as you read to them to their quickly becoming independent readers. You will both find yourselves searching for ‘Hop Along’, a frog who is present in every illustration in my books, and ensures your child’s attention to the story being told.

R J works closely with teachers and reading specialists to ensure that all of his books meet the needs of our youngest readers and he enjoys the support of numerous schools who enlist his services to provide day programs as a visiting author. He looks forward to being your partner in introducing your children to the wonderful world of reading.


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Tailwinds Across America

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Tailwinds Across America (front cover)

In 1981, with little money, two bicycles, and eternal optimism, two friends took off to ride across the country. As the miles rolled by, they tasted a slice of America served up by the places they visited and the people they met. (Order a copy…)

Tailwinds Across America (back cover)

“Hop on board for a seat of your pants account of a cycle adventure across the back-country of America. Good read!” —Eric Schramm, tour director, Bike Wisconsin

Childrens Books

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